What is YouTube?

YouTube is a most popular video sharing and entertaining website which you can upload, share and watch videos. It was designed by three former PayPal employees named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in 2005. To view YouTube videos on a PC you need to install Adobe Flash Player plug-in into your browser.
YouTube has a massive video collection and it has a variety of content, such as education, jokes, parodies, movies, comedies, music, marketing, video-blogs, news and much more. And there is an option to add your review on the videos. In 2006 the company announced over 65,000 new video files was added every day and the site received around 100 million video views per day.

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Youtube Downloader

Why Should You Use YouTube?

There are some reasons for that I will reveal it for you:

  • The main thing is the site has simple theme and very easy to use.(user friendly) as well as really fast.
  • Free registration.
  • You can view videos and post comments
  • If you have a business, YouTube is a great cheapest cost-effective marketing instrument.
  • If you want to publish your own creative activity this site will you to collect fans from every part of world.
  • You can earn money from YouTube.
  • Now you have an opportunity to download videos.
  • In the description of the video, you can put a link in to your website, the Facebook or your company.
  • YouTube is available in 24 hours. Always online.

What Is YouTube Downloader?

Watching YouTube online videos is really fun. So if you have an opportunity save your favorite videos. It will be very useful for you. The best option is a small piece of software called YouTube Downloader. There are many online programs to download and convert videos, but do you know why YouTube Downloader is the most popular and more special than the others? I will tell you why YouTube-Downloader is special.
YouTube Downloader is a user friendly program and takes up very little space on your hard disk. There is an option “Download quality” where you can choose your preferred video quality. Just move to the “Convert tab”. From there you can export video to different file formats as necessary, as well as see related videos. It also supports HD videos and you can preview videos before downloading.

Free YouTube Downloader Convert Video

YouTube Downloader enables the user to convert videos of almost any type of file format including Ipad (MP4), Ipod (MOV), Iphone (MP4), PSP (MPEG), Cell Phone (3GP), Windows Media Video (WMV), Xvid (AVI) and Audio Layer 3 (MP3). As well, YouTube downloader has a mini editor where you can do small alterations before you convert the video such as changing the video volume or changing the start time and end time at footage settings.
There is a tab to select the quality level of the video. The developers added five quality levels for your convenience. The quality levels are High, Optimal, Medium, Low and Same as Original. Select your desired video quality and move to bottom of the dialog box.
On the bottom of the dialog box there is a check box named “cut video”. If you require a specific part of the video just click on the check box and submit the start time and the end time. Then you can convert that specific part of the video.
Go through the following images and it will assist you to get a clear idea:

  • Browse the video file on your PC
  • Select file format to convert the video
  • Choose your desired quality of the video
  • Select destination to save converted fill
  • Change the volume of the video.

Now YouTube downloader ready convert your video file. Click “CONVERT VIDEO”.

How To Use YouTube Downloader Free?

YouTube downloader software is really easy to use. Just copy the URL of your favorite YouTube video and paste it in to URL field. Look at the following picture and it will help you to get more clear idea.

  • Copy YouTube video link from the Address bar. For an example – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiQXRtwWynQ. Then Paste this link into the URL field.
  • Select download quality by using drop down list box.
  • Choose a place to save your video file.
  • Click on “DOWNLOAD” button and wait few seconds until complete downloading process.

Now, your file ready to be viewed.